Hybrid Conference
with Social VR Experience
in the Metaverse


Immersive Branding®:
How Brands Become an Experience

IMMERSIVE X is a hybrid conference that invites decision-makers in marketing, media, and communications on an interactive journey of discovery. During the event, you will gain insights into how new digital technologies are changing the cultural technique of storytelling and how to use innovative forms of storytelling in a target-oriented way for your brand in challenging times.

The Conference with Social VR Experience

With a ticket for IMMERSIVE X, you book a journey into virtual reality: parts of the conference take place in a custom-built VR world. Take a seat in the auditorium, network with other participants around the campfire, and dance at the after-show party in the club basement – without physically leaving your office or home office. A VR headset on a rental basis is included in the ticket price.

Hybrid Platform Concept

Besides sessions in virtual reality, participants experience IMMERSIVE X with different senses and in different worlds.

2D: An interactive livestream with chat function for exchange with other participants and with a direct link to the speakers on the virtual stage.

Social Audio: Audio sessions in live podcast format that can be consumed off-screen via headphones.

Haptic: Pre-delivered surprises by mail that link the virtual experience of the conference with the physical world of the participants.

The X Stands for ...

Have You Heard About Our Monthly Event Series in the Metaverse?

On the second Thursday of every month, we invite you to a social VR experience in the Metaverse: X-NIGHT is a virtual reality event series where you can participate in a guided world tour through the social VR community AltspaceVR (X-TOURS), experience expert talks on new, digital forms of storytelling (X-TALKS), and attend parties with live DJ sets (X-BEATS).

Review of the IMMERSIVE X 2021

On November 4 and 5, 2021, around 100 IMMERSIVE X ticket holders embarked on a virtual journey. They crossed different worlds and experienced the hybrid conference in virtual reality or social VR, in 2D via an interactive live stream, and purely auditorily as a podcast format. Speakers from topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Podcast, Storytelling, Brands, Community, Science, Creativity or Games addressed the overarching question “What’s next?” – how is corporate communication changing in challenging and uncertain times like ours? In their sessions, experts presented the discoveries that have already been made off the prescribed path, those that lie ahead, and the opportunities that these discoveries will open up.



Speakers 2021


Lance Weiler

Co-Founder and Director Columbia University School of the Arts Digital Storytelling Lab


Björn Ognibeni

Co-Founder ChinaBriefs.io & XRLab&MCM


Carsten Senz

Vice President Corporate Communications Huawei Deutschland


Sven Heitsch

Chief Digital Officer Siemens Gamesa


Antonia Simm

Megaherz GmbH Producer & Director

Profil JW

Johannes Wagner

Head of Startup Cooperation, Versicherungskammer and Member of the Board at InsurTech Hub Munich

Bettina Halstrick

Bettina Halstrick

Podcast format developer


Rolf Meßmer

Chief Marketing Officer, RAUM


Manouchehr Shamsrizi

RetroBrain Founder


Colleen Curtis

Head of Community, Miro

John Groves

John Groves

Composer and musician

Vanessa Borkmann

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Borkmann

Head of FutureHotel & Future Museum, Fraunhofer Institut

Sample Remap

Tommy Honton

Writer and Experience Designer


Jussi Havu

CEO, Glue Collaboration


Vladimir Alexeev

Digital Experience Specialist, DB Schenker

CMSchollerer Wien

Christina M. Schollerer

Founder of StoryDesign.Studio and head of the DIGITAL competition at the Golden Sparrow Awards


Stephanie Bagehorn

Brandmanager, vm-people GmbH


Anne Seubert

Founder Brands & Places

GH -Christoph 44 bearb

Dr. Gerhard Huhn

Co-Founder and Head of Flow Academy


Christopher Werth

Director Strategy & Concept, VOK DAMS worldwide

Oliver für Immersive X-square512

Oliver Hoffmann

Game Maker


Thomas Zorbach

Founder & Managing Partner, vm-people GmbH

Klaus Lemm

Klaus Lemm

New Technology Experiencer


Sean Keogh

Consultant for Digitalisation, headroom


Daniel Schaefer

Consultant for Remote Work, headroom


Prof. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau

Academic Director of XRLab@MCM


Nilusha Aliman

Research Executive of XRLab@MCM


Daniel Dyboski-Bryant

Founder Director Educators of in VR


Sebastian Kühne

Chief Design Officer, RAUM

Moderation 2021

Philipp Reinartz

Philipp Reinartz is an entrepreneur, author and moderator. He is co-founder of the gamification agency Pfeffermind and Germany's largest escape game provider. He also writes novels, hosts and develops series and TV formats (Audible, Sky).


Many Thanks to Our Partners 2021


MAR 8, 2024
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST

VR for Social Change

The Africa VR Campus and Center is a grassroots tech organization dedicated to empowering the underprivileged and nurturing talent in remote areas, fostering Metaverse growth across Africa. The organization introduces learners of all ages to emerging technologies, providing VR/XR/AR devices to promote diverse African Metaverse participation. The initiative includes weekly events from an African perspective and a development project aimed at creating an open-source VR OS and apps, ensuring free access for Africans to express themselves.


In this session, Paul shares his story and offers insights into Africa’s role in the future of immersive tech and beyond. You will also have the opportunity to meet some of his students and talk about the learner’s perspective.


Panel and Presentation





Paul Simon Waiyaki
CEO and Founder at Africa VR Campus and Center

Paul Simon Waiyaki’s journey began with VOFCIN in 2012, addressing challenges for African children. In 2014, he entered real estate to boost African growth. In 2016 he became the first African in VR and pioneered the technology by founding the The Africa VR Campus and Center. In 2019, he hosted mainstream MetaVerse event hosted live from Africa. In 2022, he launched VR & Space programs customized for the African Learner.


MAR 9, 2024
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST

Art and Science in the Metaverse: Unleashing the Power of the VR Experience

This is the story of a team of passionate artists and developers who decided to bring a whole new value to the Metaverse, where visual art and science converge to create a transcendental experience.

The audience will be exposed to stunning artworks created by VR artist ShuShu VR and 3D artist Niko Lang, two of the most talented creators currently developing concepts in social VR platforms.

The Overview Effect Experience is an immersive cinematic simulation of the phenomenon defined by space philosopher Professor Frank White in his work “The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution“.
Here we take the position of humankind as we try to understand the precious value of our planet and how we can help Earth and ourselves survive in a better way.

The project was awarded the Honorable Mentions at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles.

We are delighted to welcome our honorable guests to the Virtual Reality event: Professor Frank White, Tom Nickel and Jeremy Nickel.

Design concept: VRium Creative Team
Producer: Nanea Reeves and TRIPP
Sound Design: David Starfire
Narrator: Space philosopher Frank White
Creative Director: Jeremy Nickel
VR Stream Filmmaker: Carlos Austin

Nymphs is an epic theatrical artwork performed by monumental art dolls. A holodramatic theater of love and death, submerged in an amorous yet lethal underwater dream.

The project was awarded Best Virtual Reality Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival and the Discovery Award at the Raindance Immersive Festival.





VRChat | Theatrum Anatomicum


VR Theatre Artist

ShuShu’s greatest passion is art and the emotional experience it brings to our life. Throughout his career, he has gained professional experience in various fields of the arts. He decided to “immerse” himself in the Metaverse, where all the disciplines he has mastered come together in harmony. His vision is to create a new Akropolis of the Arts in the Metaverse. He has founded a team of artists – the VRium Creative Team. So far, his team has created VR experiences that have won awards at several film festivals.

Niko Lang
IT-Consultant and 3D-Artist

Niko Lang is an IT consultant, 3D artist and a long-time wanderer between different realities. The worlds he creates shape our understanding of the sphere that may one day make the metaverse a reality. 


MAR 10, 2024
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CST

Dragon Magic: Freedom Giants

Juliana Loh and Mada de Leeuw cordially invite you to embark on a journey of awe and wonder into the jaws of a dragon within their award-winning VR project, Dragon Magic: Freedom Giants. Meticulously hand-painted and optimized on the EngageXR platform, each facet of the world offers a truly distinctive perspective on VR design possibilities. Like layers of an onion, the story unfolds, celebrating diverse cultures and inspiring you to dream bigger.

Featured on prestigious platforms such as Raindance Immersive, Fivars, and Viff Signals, including the 2023 Passive Immersive Prize at AUSTXR Festival, their creations aim to mesmerize and inspire. Join this session and immerse yourself in our visionary world.







Juliana Loh
Creative Technologist

Juliana is a creative technologist who is passionate about imagining meaningful and playful scenarios. Since 2020, she has been recognized for vision, excellence in creativity and design as a nominee in various global XR Film Festivals and XR Creator Lists. In 2023, she was honored to have been awarded the Passive Immersive Award granted by AUSTXR Festival for her team’s 2023 VR experience entitled: Dragon Magic, Freedom Giants. Her works have also been included in various performances including live painting at the The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, Science World Vancouver (Creative Technology Gallery) and public art exhibitions. She has been a member of the Siggraph jury since 2022 and is currently experimenting with AI as an agent of positive change as well as embarking on experiential projects such as Spark and Sound 2024 XR choreographed performance.

Mada de Leeuw
Production and Development

Innovative Digital Artist and VR World Creator harnessing the fusion of creativity and cutting-edge technology, Mada is a digital artist specializing in the creation of immersive 3D models for digital experiences and interactive virtual worlds. With over a decade of expertise acquired at Daz3D, she excels in producing top-tier 3D models, a skill that is very valuable in designing and optimizing captivating VR environments and interactive experiences. In addition to artistic talents, she possesses a wealth of experience in project management and art direction within the publishing industry, allowing her to effectively oversee and guide creative endeavors.


MAR 11, 2024
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CST

Unlock Our Potential: PlayRoomSX and the VR Somatic Experience

Mystery and magic call to you. Can you follow this song? Drop your mind into your body and become more aware of your dreams and desires.

The Metaverse offers entirely new modes of creative expression and interactivity and as we enter the age of digital relationships – PlayRoomSX is the new erotic playground – where we unlock our potential as multi-dimensional human beings living in a magnificently sensual body.

VenusSX is a VR somatic educator and coach providing pathways to freedom from social and cultural conditioning through educational events, workshops and parties in sensational virtual fantasy worlds.

In the first part of our event, we dive into the enchanted beauty and sensuality of Elysium, a Tantric Meditation Space.

Discover underwater secrets, gigantic glowing flowers in the moonlight, at the Lake of the Goddess, the Home of Peace.

Breathe, fly and play in this magical world of freedom.

During the second part of our event, you witness Elysium pulsating with love as we reveal the empowerment of somatic experiential learning in a facilitated environment.

Do not miss the mind-blowing surprise and our VR dance party experience!

World Design by VRium Creative Team

Custom Avatar by WingZeroCreations





VRChat | Elysium


Virtual Sensory Designer

Meet VenusSX, she who comes from the Empire of Love. Venus is excited to be discovering the potential of VR to gain somatic awareness and to improve communications in all our relationships.

She is the founder of PlayRoomSX, a digital community of real adults providing a safe space to meet and share with each other. A pleasure advocate and a sexuality therapist and coach, she is on a mission to unlock human potential with simple conversations and events that stimulate and invigorate us, so that we are enlightened about what connects us and pleasures us.


MAR 7, 2024
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST

How XR is Transforming the Concert and Entertainment Industry

The future of live concerts, sport events, and conferences will be shaped by advancements in Web3, XR technology, 5G, and bold entrepreneurs who understand how to use them. At the same time, technologies such as spatial computing, AR glasses, volumetric and motion capture, holograms, AI, digital twins, VR, avatars, blockchain, and crypto will revolutionize entertainment. Artists can extend their live performances, venues and promoters can expand ticket sales and marketing opportunities, and attendees can experience concerts in revolutionary ways.

In a conversation with XR pioneer Celeste Lear, we will explore the immersive future of the entertainment industry, followed by a live DJ performance in the VR venue Club Violet, hosted by VenusSX.


Talk & Live-DJ-Set