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10. Februar 2022

Virtual Immersive Concerts x talk

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An jedem zweiten Donnerstag im Monat laden wir ein zur X-NIGHT, einer Veranstaltungsreihe in der Virtuellen Realität. Auf dem Programm stehen geführte Touren durch die Social-VR-Community AltspaceVR (X-TOURS), Expertenvorträge zum Thema neue, digitale Formen des Storytellings (X-TALKS) und Partys mit Live-DJ-Sets (X-BEATS).

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Virtual Immersive Concerts
X-TALK by Lukas Haack

February 10, 2022, 8 PM CET @ AltspaceVR + YouTube

The pandemic has also brought about a digital transformation in concerts. But how immersive can a digital live music event be and what conclusions can we draw from this for the time after Corona? Lukas Haack dealt with this topic in his master’s thesis. We are delighted that he will be sharing his exciting findings at his X-TALK on February 10.

About the Talk

According to the European network for live music associations DMA, 2020 saw an unprecedented 70% decline of music events and artist performances and 76% decline of audience visits. Contact restrictions due to the newly emerged coronavirus are still forcing artists and live music venues to find new sources of income and constitute new forms of digital events. The 2020 pandemic showcases the lack of immersion in live streams e.g. via YouTubeInstagram, or Facebook or web conference systems such as ZoomSkype, or GoToMeeting when aiming to substitute physical events using already existing technology. In the era of the metaverse and ubiquitous computing, where mobile devices, VR glasses, and the internet can be used to stream events, virtual concert events are becoming an increasingly relevant topic of discussion. 

Lukas’ master thesis is an approach to formalize the dynamics of a physical concert experience and then translate the individual psychological factors by means of communication technology to the computer-mediated context, combining several research disciplines from the social sciences (such as psychology, communication science and media studies) as well as computer science.

About the Speaker

X-TALK Lukas Haack Virtual Immersive Concerts

Lukas Haack

Lukas studied Communication and Media Computer Science in Dresden, Linköping and Amsterdam and graduated with his master-thesis on “Virtual Immersive Concerts”. While also working as a trainer for public speaking, negotiations and intercultural communications, he received a Diplomacy Award from Harvard. To Lukas, it is most important to combine diverse strengths and interests to challenge the status quo and think outside of the box: “My goal is to collaborate with like-minded people on an international basis, debate topics that determine our future as a society and lead diverse people towards a common goal that benefits all. With passion for politics, music, technology, code and design; adventurousness and wanderlust, I travel this world in an open-minded way, ambitiously trying to make it a better place.”