IMMERSIVE X – The Next Reality Conference

29 + 30
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Let's explore how immersive tech, AI and the metaverse shape our future

IMMERSIVE X is not your ordinary conference: It’s a two-day digital event ABOUT the Metaverse taking place IN the Metaverse. The event is primarily set in virtual reality and can be accessed either with a VR-headset or via desktop computer.

The focus of the conference is on immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We’ll discuss and explore the potential impact on businesses and society.

Instigated by vm-people and co-curated by a hub of strong partners, IMMERSIVE X is an open conference that invites other players in related future arenas to contribute e. g. as speakers, exhibitors, or sponsors.

Are you ready to start this journey together with us?

The Next Reality Conference

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The Tracks

At IMMERSIVE X, we are focusing on the impact of immersive technologies, artificial intelligence and the metaverse on the following topics:


The Speaker

André Henke
Program Lead Digital Management at Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lower Saxony

Nilusha Aliman
Research Executive at XRLab@MCM

Paolo Granata
Associate Professor in Book and Media Studies at the University of Toronto

Min Ding
Bard Professor of Marketing & Affiliate Professor of Info Sciences and Technology, Penn State

 Prof. Sebastian Hohenberg
Full Professor and Chair of Digital Transformation at the University of Münster

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau
Professor of Marketing & Media at University of Münster and Academic Director of the XRLab@MCM

Paul Simon Waiyaki
CEO and Founder at Africa VR Campus and Center

Niko Lang
IT-Consultant & 3D-Artist

Theda Ockenga
Co-Founder and CEO at StellDirVor

Barbara Stegmann
CEO and Co-Founder at living brain

Sean Caroll
Business Development Manager at Anagram

Ines Heitkamp
Junior Marketing Manager and Project Manager „Healthcare Metaverse Solutions by MTX“ at MedTriX Group

Stephanie Bagehorn
Brand Manager at vm-people

Thomas Riedel
Journalist & Podcaster at Spatial Realities

Foto: Victoria Tamaschko

Christopher Werth
Chief Creative Officer at VOK DAMS

Julian van Dieken
Digital Creator

Stephanie Meisl

Simon Husslein
Co-Founder & Creative Director at Beyond.Place

Vladimir Alexeev
AI adviser, Artist, Digital Experience Specialist at DB Schenker

Anne Müller
Artist and Musician

Marek Claussen
Head of Product at d.vinci

Matthias Wolk
CEO at Virtual X

Gerald Kottmann
Managing Partner at Alice to Bob

Markus Meier
Founder at Dimenteers

Sean Keogh
Consultant for Digitalisation at headroom

Björn Ognibeni
CoFounder at China & XRLab@MCM

Niklas Stommel
Senior Manager Marketing & Strategy at VOK Dams

Gerhard Schröder
Founder and CEO at K3

Tobias Sievers
Creative Director at luxoom

Hannah Boose
Head of Business and Sales Development at luxoom

Carsten Lucas
Metaverse Experience & Innovation Lead at PwC Deutschland

Anne Seubert
Managing Director at Brands & Places

Andreas Fraunberger
Managing Director and XR-Producer at Junge Römer

Lance Powell
Product Manager at REMIO

Dr. Jonas Heller
Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing & SCM, School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University - Scientific Director DEXLab

Roberta Di Palma
PhD Candidate, Department of Marketing & SCM, School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University - Lab Coordinator DEXLab

Thomas Zorbach
Founder and CEO vm-people

Foto: FAZ BM / Marco Urban

Lukas Haack
Sustainable Futurist

Klaus Lemm
New Technology Experiencer

Liam Mckill
3D Artist, Virtual Reality Creativity Consultant and Co-Fonder at Anomie

ShuShu VR
VR Artist

Celeste Lear
Immersive Tech Specialist in Entertainment & Concerts

Virtual Sensory Designer




Renowned experts share valuable insights in the form of interactive talks, panels or workshops.



Participants have the chance to explore groundbreaking use cases via VR headset.



Our virtual venue offers various options for making connections and gaining new perspectives. 


IMMERSIVE X is a digital event primarily set in virtual reality, taking place in our venue AREA X, with additional sessions held on Zoom.

The event can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office, and you can decide the level of immersion you prefer.

Access via headset

To take a deep dive, we recommend joining the conference using a VR standalone headset such as Quest 2 & Pro, Pico Neo 2, or HTC Vive Focus.


You can also participate in the event using your desktop computer by opening any browser and accessing AREA X.


Depending on your location we offer rental of a pre-configured standalone VR headset. Get in touch for further details:

How to Dive in

IMMERSIVE X is an exclusive event by invitation only.

The conference brings together experts, innovators, and decision-makers from diverse fields to explore the latest advancements and discuss the ways in which immersive technologies will transform businesses and society.

If you are interested in participating in IMMERSIVE X, please feel free to contact us and let’s discuss your contribution. If you know others who may be interested in attending our conference, feel free to spread the word.


If you want to take part in the event, please click here and tell us about your background and motivation.


If you’re an innovator in immersive tech and/or AI you are very welcome to share your experience on our digital stage.


If you or your company develops applications, experiences or content, you are invited to showcase your project.


If you want to sponsor a track, provide equipment or want to become a media partner, please get in touch.

Making of the IMMERSIVE X 2021

The Organizers

Media partners


NOV 30, 2023
08:30 PM – 10:00 PM CET

Tantric Whispers in VR Heaven

Be guided on a relaxing sensory journey with VenusSX through Elysium, the only VR tantric meditation space. The mystery and the magick calls to you. Do you want to discover the hidden treasures in VR Heaven?

Dive into a world that transcends physical reality as we explore how the sacred tantric union illuminated in Elysium affords the positive grounded emotional mood.

Drop your mind into your body. This is a somatic experience, becoming aware of your breath and the subtle sensations inside your body.

Enter PlayRoomSX, the next digital erotic playground where we learn to engage in this Metaverse of freedom of self-expression

I am able to provide specialized experiences in VRChat.





VRChat | Elysium


Virtual Sensory Designer

Meet VenusSX, she who comes from the Empire of Love. Venus is excited to be discovering the potential of VR to gain somatic awareness and to improve communications in all our relationships.

She is the founder of PlayRoomSX, a digital community of real adults providing a safe space to meet and share with each other. A pleasure advocate and a sexuality therapist and coach, she is on a mission to unlock human potential with simple conversations and events that stimulate and invigorate us, so that we are enlightened about what connects us and pleasures us.


NOV 30, 2023
10:00 PM – 00:00 AM CET


Whether fine or coarse, whether from Nuremberg or Thuringia, bratwursts from Germany are a hit in their own right. But that’s nothing compared to the Bratwurst Parties, a legendary series of events organised by our dear friends Mel and Klaus. Pimp your avatar, dip it in delicious ketchup or mustard and become part of the Bratwurst crowd!







NOV 29, 2023
06:00 PM – 06:30 PM CET

The Future is Spatial







Thomas Riedel
Journalist & Podcaster at Spatial Realities

Thomas Riedel is a freelance tech journalist, podcast producer, father and moderator based in Cologne, Germany. He has worked for, Digitale Leute and Mediencluster NRW as communications officer and event manager for Gamescom and DMEXCO. He currently produces and hosts Germany’s largest Metaverse and XR podcast “Spatial Realities”, the Apple Vision Pro podcast “Beyond Reality” and the largest XR meetup in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the podcast “FutureFuture” he discusses future stories with experts from all fields. As a speaker on the topics of Metaverse, startups and digitalization, Riedel appears regularly on podcasts, meetups, conferences and as a tech expert on live TV.

Anne Seubert
Managing Director at Brands & Places

Anne Seubert is founder of the strategy consultancy Brands & Places, mentor, moderator and since 2020 Program Director at the non-profit Common Purpose Deutschland GmbH. As an experienced leader, passionate incubator and accomplished process facilitator, Anne Seubert shapes change and builds communities. For 15 years, she has been supporting companies, organizations and networks to redefine their role in people’s lives in a new and relevant way, both digitally and analogously, and develops strategies, formats and platforms for this purpose – preferably immersive, participative and transformative.


NOV 29, 2023
03:00 PM – 03:30 PM CET

Onboarding, Overview and Orientation 

Make sure you got your headset fully charged and let’s head to AREA X, the main conference venue of IMMERSIVE X. At the beginning of the first day, we will guide you through the program,