IMMERSIVE X – The Next Reality Conference

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Let's explore how immersive tech, AI and the metaverse shape our future

IMMERSIVE X is not your ordinary conference: It’s a two-day digital event ABOUT the Metaverse taking place IN the Metaverse. The event is primarily set in virtual reality and can be accessed either with a VR-headset or via desktop computer.

The focus of the conference is on immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We’ll discuss and explore the potential impact on businesses and society.

Instigated by vm-people and co-curated by a hub of strong partners, IMMERSIVE X is an open conference that invites other players in related future arenas to contribute e. g. as speakers, exhibitors, or sponsors.

Are you ready to start this journey together with us?

The Next Reality Conference

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The Tracks

At IMMERSIVE X, we are focusing on the impact of immersive technologies, artificial intelligence and the metaverse on the following topics:


The Speakers

André Henke
Program Lead Digital Management at Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lower Saxony

Nilusha Aliman
Research Executive at XRLab@MCM

Prof. Dr. Paolo Granata
Associate Professor in Book and Media Studies at the University of Toronto

Prof. Dr. Min Ding
Bard Professor of Marketing & Affiliate Professor of Info Sciences and Technology, Penn State

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hohenberg
Full Professor and Chair of Digital Transformation at the University of Münster

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau
Professor of Marketing & Media at University of Münster and Academic Director of the XRLab@MCM

Paul Simon Waiyaki
CEO and Founder at Africa VR Campus and Center

Niko Lang
IT-Consultant & 3D-Artist

Theda Ockenga
Co-Founder and CEO at StellDirVor

Barbara Stegmann
CEO and Co-Founder at living brain

Sean Carroll
Business Development Manager at Anagram

Ines Heitkamp
Junior Marketing Manager and Project Manager „Healthcare Metaverse Solutions by MTX“ at MedTriX Group

Stephanie Bagehorn
Brand Manager at vm-people

Thomas Riedel
Journalist & Podcaster at Spatial Realities

Foto: Victoria Tamaschko

Christopher Werth
Chief Creative Officer at VOK DAMS

Julian van Dieken
Digital Creator

Stephanie Meisl