NOVEMBER 4 + 5, 2021



The conference with social VR experience

With a ticket to IMMERSIVE X, you book a journey into virtual reality: parts of the conference take place in a custom-built VR world. Take a seat in the auditorium, network with other participants around the campfire and dance at the after-show party in the club basement – without physically leaving your office or home office.

Don’t have VR glasses? The ticket price includes an Oculus Quest on a rental basis. Delivery and pick-up will be organized by us.

What’s next?

As rarely before in recent history, our present is characterized by imponderables, uncertainties and upheavals. No matter how long this journey lasts and what we experience along the way, it will permanently change us and our perspectives. For those responsible in companies and organizations, the question already arises: What’s next? What discoveries have we made off the beaten path and what opportunities do they open up for us? Which outdated habits are we leaving behind in the ordinary world? Will there be something like a new normal, and if so, what might it look like?



Lance Weiler
Co-Founder and Director Columbia University School of the Arts Digital Storytelling Lab

Decentralized Storytelling – where AI, the blockchain and metaverse intersect

We find ourselves in a unique moment where traditional systems are being decentralized. From banking to retail to education to entertainment – consumers, students and fans are taking control. The blockchain is ushering in new opportunities for storytelling, collecting and the monetization of digital assets. This combined with advancements in AI, gaming engines and mixed reality based technologies is giving rise to the metaverse – a collective shared space that has the potential to bridge the virtual and the physical in unexpected and powerful ways.

Key Questions

The X stands for ...


IMMERSIVE X is a hybrid conference that invites decision-makers in marketing, media and communications on an interactive journey of discovery. At the event, which premiered in 2020 you will gain insights into how new digital technologies are changing the cultural technique of storytelling and how you can use innovative forms of storytelling in challenging times for your brand.


In enlightning 45-minute sessions, you will learn how to design immersive brand experiences.

Take a deep dive and immerse yourself in interactive storyworlds – on screen, via headphones or with a VR headset.

Join Campfire Meet-ups and discover the opportunities of random encounters and networking in virtual reality.

Hybrid Platform Concept

You can follow all sessions via a livestream from the comfort of your screen.

Individual sessions will simultaneously take place in VR. We will provide you with the headset on a rental basis.

Additional variety is provided by auditory content that you can experience via headphones.

Speakers 2021


Lance Weiler

Co-Founder and Director Columbia University School of the Arts Digital Storytelling Lab


Björn Ognibeni

Co-Founder ChinaBriefs.io & XRLab&MCM


Carsten Senz

Vice President Corporate Communications Huawei Deutschland


Sven Heitsch

Chief Digital Officer Siemens Gamesa


Antonia Simm

Megaherz GmbH Producer & Director

Profil JW

Johannes Wagner

Head of Startup Cooperation, Versicherungskammer and Member of the Board at InsurTech Hub Munich

Bettina Halstrick

Bettina Halstrick

Podcast format developer


Rolf Meßmer

Chief Marketing Officer, RAUM


Manouchehr Shamsrizi

RetroBrain Founder


Colleen Curtis

Head of Community, Miro

John Groves

John Groves

Composer and musician

Vanessa Borkmann

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Borkmann

Head of FutureHotel & Future Museum, Fraunhofer Institut

Sample Remap

Tommy Honton

Writer and Experience Designer


Jussi Havu

CEO, Glue Collaboration


Vladimir Alexeev

Digital Experience Specialist, DB Schenker

CMSchollerer Wien

Christina M. Schollerer

Founder of StoryDesign.Studio and head of the DIGITAL competition at the Golden Sparrow Awards


Stephanie Bagehorn

Brandmanager, vm-people GmbH


Anne Seubert

Founder Brands & Places

GH -Christoph 44 bearb

Dr. Gerhard Huhn

Co-Founder and Head of Flow Academy


Christopher Werth

Director Strategy & Concept, VOK DAMS worldwide

Oliver für Immersive X-square512

Oliver Hoffmann

Game Maker


Thomas Zorbach

Founder & Managing Partner, vm-people GmbH

Klaus Lemm

Klaus Lemm

New Technology Experiencer


Sean Keogh

Consultant for Digitalisation, headroom


Daniel Schaefer

Consultant for Remote Work, headroom


Prof. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau

Academic Director of XRLab@MCM


Nilusha Aliman

Research Executive of XRLab@MCM


Daniel Dyboski-Bryant

Founder Director Educators of in VR


Sebastian Kühne

Chief Design Officer, RAUM

Moderation 2021

Philipp Reinartz

Philipp Reinartz is an entrepreneur, author and moderator. He is co-founder of the gamification agency Pfeffermind and Germany's largest escape game provider. He also writes novels, hosts and develops series and TV formats (Audible, Sky).

Der VR-Prolog zur IMMERSIVE X

Dive into virtual reality before the official launch of IMMERSIVE X and explore the limitless possibilities of social VR, together with our partners, during our satellite events on Nov. 4, starting at 2 pm.

Can the Metaverse save education?

The future of education is currently being explored in the eXperimental Marketing Lab at the Marketing Center at Münster University. The research team provides first insights.

RAUM Meet & Greet

To what extent can VR serve as an environment for teamwork? Meet the makers of the VR app RAUM and experience virtual collaboration of tomorrow.

Moving companies into the Metaverse – Real Life lessons

Which business goals can be driven in VR and which cannot. The headroom team shares practical experiences.

Glue Onboarding Lounge

What are the options to make remote meetings feel as alive as facte-to-face meetings. Explore Glue's VR app.


The ticket office has officially closed, but participation is still possible. Condition for that is that you own an Oculus Quest 1 or 2 VR headset.

In this case, please write an email to mail@immersive-x.de by Thursday, Nov. 4, 6 pm at the latest, using the email subject: Last Minute.


IMMERSIVE X takes place in virtual space: You can follow the entire event comfortably from your office or home office.

Individual sessions will also take place simultaneously in virtual reality. Optionally, participants can also follow along via VR headset.

The rental fee for a VR headset (Oculus Quest) is included in the ticket price. You will receive your headset by mail in advance of the event.

You will receive your personal access data for IMMERSIVE X approximately one week before the event.

Do you have any questions?

For all further questions regarding IMMERSIVE X, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact us by e-mail at info@immersive-x.de.

Review of the IMMERSIVE X 2020

On November 6, 2020, 80 people came together to explore the future of digital storytelling. Following the principle of experiential learning, participants from the fields of marketing, media and communication had the opportunity to experience interactive, immersive technologies in a playful way for a whole day and thus get inspired for their everyday professional life.

Social VR as a New Dimension of Experience for Events

A good half of all sessions, the welcome and the after-show party took place in the „AREA X“, a virtual venue created especially for the conference, located in the social VR application AltspaceVR. Access to the virtual areas of IMMERSIVE X was provided via a VR headset, which was made available to participants on a loan basis in advance of the conference.



MAR 8, 2024
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST

VR for Social Change

The Africa VR Campus and Center is a grassroots tech organization dedicated to empowering the underprivileged and nurturing talent in remote areas, fostering Metaverse growth across Africa. The organization introduces learners of all ages to emerging technologies, providing VR/XR/AR devices to promote diverse African Metaverse participation. The initiative includes weekly events from an African perspective and a development project aimed at creating an open-source VR OS and apps, ensuring free access for Africans to express themselves.


In this session, Paul shares his story and offers insights into Africa’s role in the future of immersive tech and beyond. You will also have the opportunity to meet some of his students and talk about the learner’s perspective.