11.00 A.m. - 12.30 a.m.
Session: Workshop I

Immersive Innovation

Immersion means to get involved in something, to project oneself into something – or to empathize with someone. The most social form of immersion is empathy. With our own eyes, we can see things from the perspective of another. With our own mouth, we start to smile when we feel the joy of another. The entertainment is an entire industry specifically designed to bring us closer to the emotional worlds of others. How can empathy look like in the digital world? How do trust and social proximity translate into virtual worlds? What entirely new, hybrid forms of interpersonal immersion are conceivable? In this digital workshop experience of our event partner D.Network, a change of perspective becomes possible.


Michael Metzger
Founder, D.Network, Design-Thinking- und Agile Coach

Michael Metzger is a Design Thinking and Agile coach. His strengths lie in building positive team dynamics, user research, and storytelling. In 2019, he founded D.Network, an association of 15 innovation consultants and Design Thinking coaches who support organizations and companies in the digital transformation. He responded to the current peculiarities of office closure and home office by designing a three-hour crash course and a six-week training course for online facilitators in a short time. Since then, he has been able to teach more than 500 participants the most important tools of online facilitation. The author of the book “Hands on: Design Thinking” is currently advising VENRO and the Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus on digital transformation.

Merle Pohl
Design Thinking & Innovation Coach, D.Network

Merle Pohl is a Design Thinking coach and innovation consultant at D.Network. For her, the digital age is intricately linked to empathy: Only when technology expands our abilities and makes our lives easier, it is useful. Merle’s topics include well-being in the digital space, humane technology, and digital ethics. Over the past few months, as part of a design thinking team, she has learnt what it means to collaborate online and to bring not only the work process but also the interpersonal aspects into the digital space.

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