2.00 p.m. - 2.45 p.m.
Session: Keynote

The Science of Story

When neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists finally turned their attention to stories, they discovered a key to human behavior. Why do we tell each other stories? Why do we want to immerse ourselves in them? And what happens when we do? The answers help explain a lot of what’s going on around us today, from Black Lives Matter to the rise of the Flat-Earthers.


Photography by Bob Krasner

Frank Rose
Author, “The Art of Immersion” and Faculty Director of the Seminar of Strategic Storytelling at Columbia University

Frank Rose is the author most recently of “The Art of Immersion”, a book about how digital technology has changed the way we tell stories. He is a senior fellow at Columbia University School of the Arts, faculty director of its executive education seminar in Strategic Storytelling, and awards director of its Digital Storytelling Lab.

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