Friday, 10.00 - 11.00/15.00 - 16.00
XPERIENCE | Guided Tour

Exploring Social VR

Covid-19 and the associated necessity of social distance raises a most pressing question: How can we be close to each other in the future without meeting physically – both in business and in private life? One potential answer is Social VR. This includes all VR applications in which people meet and that enable a new level of immersion. VR networks such as Altspace VR make it possible to organize professional meetings in virtual settings, take short trips to artificially created worlds or be closer to people scattered all over the world than in a video conference. In this session, you can make an exploratory trip into VR and get a vivid impression of the opportunities Social VR offers.

(This session will be held in German)


Klaus Lemm
New Technology Experiencer

Klaus Lemm is a high-end IT consultant in the field of business consulting, system integration and outsourcing at a global service provider for IT and business processes. In his spare time he is an enthusiastic discoverer of immersive worlds and is one of the experts in the field of Social VR applications.

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