Friday, 15.00 – 15.45
Session: SCIENCE

Relax and Listen – The Magic of Sound
Sound Branding: Theory and Practice

Storytelling with sound.

Dr. Gerhard Huhn will introduce himself and the participants to the secrets of non-verbal brand communication with sound worlds by a pioneer and master of this very special but omnipresent marketing element, John Groves. How do you create unforgettable impressions, associations and connections with a product, a company through the ear alone with a few tones, sounds, music jingles?

(This session will be held in German)


Dr. Gerhard Huhn
Co-Founder and Head of Flow Academy

Dr. Gerhard Huhn. Co-founder and director of Flow Academy is one of the pioneers who has considered himself a “transmission belt” from brain research findings to practice for over 40 years. He is particularly interested in questions of the practical application of constructivist impact models in marketing.


John Groves
Composer and musician

John Groves is a British composer and musician based in Hamburg, Germany, who specializes in music and sound in communication (sound branding). In recent years he has focused on psychoacoustics and applied uses of sound, particularly in healthcare. John Groves is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Center for Contemporary Music at Danube University Krems, President of the Composers-Club e.V., Germany, and Board Member and Treasurer of the ECSA European Composers and Songwriters Alliance in Brussels.

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