Friday, 10.00 – 10.45
Session: Podcast

Immersive Podcasts

The days when podcasts eked out a niche existence are long gone. Meanwhile, narrative audio formats in fiction and non-fiction are reaching an audience of millions. This makes the medium intriguing for companies and brands as well. What content is suitable for podcasts and how must it be told and produced so that listeners become immersed in the stories?

(This session will be held in German)


Stephanie Bagehorn
Brandmanager, vm-people GmbH

As a brand manager at vm-people GmbH, Stephanie advises brand leaders on immersive brand building. After her training as a marketing communications specialist and subsequent studies in business communications, she always focuses on the question of “How?”.  How do companies communicate with their target audience? How do customers become enthusiastic fans? How does a brand become an experience?


Bettina Halstrick
Podcast format developer

As the mastermind behind the True Crime format „Die Zeichen des Todes,” Bettina Halstrick has turned forensic expert Prof. Michael Tsokos into a successful brand in the podcast market. Her latest production “Begegnungen, die dich verändern” shapes the brand image of the well-known entrepreneur Jochen Schweizer as both a learning listener and experienced life coach.

Philipp Reinartz
Podcast editor and director

As an editor and producer, Philipp Reinartz explores new, immersive forms of auditory storytelling. Inspired by the classic “War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles, his production “MEMO”, created in collaboration with Audible, tells a gripping story on the border between reality and fiction.

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