Friday, 18.00 – 18.30
Closing Note

What's now? Strategic thinking for a (post)-pandemic era

Classic strategic thinking assumes stable conditions in which target scenarios are not only clearly definable, but can also be planned. But not only the experience of the pandemic has shown: The planning games of management and marketing are subject to disruptive and unpredictable changes in an increasingly complex world. The German economist and philosopher Birger Priddat puts it this way: “We locate the future, in peculiar geometry, -horizontally – ‘in front of us’. That which unexpectedly bursts upon us as an event does not come ‘from the front’, but ‘from above’.

What are the alternative strategic approaches to thinking and acting beyond the classical planning paradigm? How must an organization be positioned to prepare for possible, uncertain futures? What skills and values are helpful?

(The Closing Note will be held in German)


Thomas Zorbach
Founder & Managing Partner, vm-people GmbH

Thomas Zorbach first experienced what immersion is when he read “The Neverending Story” by Michael Ende at the age of eleven and traveled to Phantásia together with the hero Bastian Balthasar Bux.

Today, as a digital storyteller, he plans and develops immersive brand experiences for companies from a wide range of industries. His longstanding close collaboration with Germany’s most widely read author Sebastian Fitzek, who is known for immersing his readers in the world of his psychothrillers in advance of their publication, has received much attention.

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