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Sessions from our Xpertise track

The media center lets you re-explore the individual themes of the IMMERSIVE X after it is over. Here you can find all sessions from our Xpertise track: Brands, Events, Storytelling, Community, Games and Science, as well as the Key and Closing Note.


Brands as Worlds, Worlds as Brands

Stephanie Bagehorn

How does a brand become a world in which customers and fans like to immerse themselves as deeply as possible and of which they are captivated? In discussions with deciders of different brands, this panel gets to the bottom of the question of the most important ingredients for an immersive brand experience.

Experiences in the Age of their Technical Reproducibility

Christopher Werth

A racing pulse, excitement and adrenaline – how can digital events release an energy that matches experiences in the real, physical world? What is the current development in that area, and where are we headed? This session takes place completely in VR, to allow us to examine these things in small experiments.

Welcome to the Future of Storytelling!

Christina M. Schollerer

How do we enchant our audience with stories in times of VR, AR, AI and the like? How can we use these technologies to tell stories and experience worlds even more intensively?

Christina M. Schollerer talks about current storytelling trends, visionary projects, and possible opportunities for brand communication.

The Science of Story

Frank Rose

When neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists finally turned their attention to stories, they discovered a key to human behavior. Why do we tell each other stories? Why do we want to immerse ourselves in them? And what happens when we do? The answers help explain a lot of what’s going on around us today, from Black Lives Matter to the rise of the Flat-Earthers.

Brand Communities – The Place to be?

Anne Seubert

In times of virtualization and digitalization, communities and tribes are the new places. The less we can meet, the more obvious the importance of our relationships for the resilience of our systems and brands. We want to find out together why and how communities become a hood, brands become hosts and ringleaders, and people become part of a community again that can offer a home away from home and some orientation in the World Wide Web.

Playing It Real

Julia Becker, Oliver Hoffmann

“Man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a human being, and he is only fully a human being when he plays.” (Schiller). What does that mean for humans and brands? A tour de force of game theory, followed by a look behind the scenes of ARGs, the immersive game form par excellence, with case study on ARCANA (March 2020).

Immersion and Neuroscience – what really works

Gerhard Huhn

What influence do neuroscience, constructivism and the more recent motivational psychology have on marketing, distribution, and sales? Can the developments from Gerd Gerken’s “Farewell to Marketing” (1990), Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point” (2000), and Michael Stadtler/Peter Kruse’s “The Reality of Media” (1994/2013) to today’s “The Art of Immersion” (Frank Rose 2012) finally overcome the old Henry Ford axiom that of every dollar spent on advertising, 50 cents are thrown out the window, but one never knows which 50 cents it is? This event is not a retrospective but focuses on what it means to put this enormous gain of knowledge into practice today.

Ways out of the Rabbit Hole

Michael Zerr

The state of immersion, i. e. the experience of being immersed and absorbed in a world, has always attracted people enormously. Media archaeologist Erkki Huthamo sees the cause for this attraction in the innate striving for naturalism, which ideally leads to the elimination of the difference between reality and its depiction. But what happens when people turn their backs on the real world and its challenges and lose themselves in artificially created environments? What ethical questions must companies and organizations ask themselves regarding the spread of immersive technologies and strategies? A plea for re-emergence.