Thursday, 22.00 – 23.30
XPERIENCE | Project Immerse

Deepfake Paranoid Thriller Experience

“Project Immerse” is a deepfake paranoid thriller that places participants within a virtual experience that mixes story, play, and web pervasive technologies. Designed to work in Zoom and Miro, a collaborative whiteboard platform, ‘Project Immerse’ takes these web tools and subverts them into a thrill ride that leverages elements of film, immersive theatre, ARGs, and escape rooms into a collaborative storytelling experience. The piece explores the challenges associated with deepfakes, shallow fakes, and bots. All the images, videos, audio, and text – about 90% of the experience is created with AI. The end result is a unique storytelling experience that explores deception, conspiracy, and the way humans create meaning and make connections.

Presented by

Lance Weiler, Nick Fortugno

Lance Weiler, Char Simpson