Review of IMMERSIVE X 2020

On November 6, 2020, 80 people came together to explore the future of digital storytelling. Following the principle of experience-based learning, the participants from the fields of marketing, media, and communication had the opportunity to experience interactive, immersive technologies in a playful way for one day and to get inspired for their professional everyday life.

Social VR as a New Dimension of Experience

More than half of all sessions, the welcome and the after-show party took place in the “AREA X”, a virtual venue created especially for the conference and located in the social VR application AltspaceVR. Access to the virtual areas of IMMERSIVE X was provided via a VR headset, which was made available to participants on a loan basis in advance of the conference.

You missed the IMMERSIVE X?

Would you like to have access to the contents of the conference, to our conference venue in VR or very general information on the topic of Social VR, for example during one of our follow-up events?

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Keynote "The Science of Story"

When neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists finally turned their attention to stories, they discovered a key to human behavior. Why do we tell each other stories? Why do we want to immerse ourselves in them? And what happens when we do? The answers help explain a lot of what is going on around us today, from Black Lives Matter to the rise of the Flat-Earthers.

Frank Rose,
Author of „The Art of Immersion“ and Head of Strategic Storytelling at Columbia University

The Story So Far ...

In the past few months, we have all become part of a great, global story. A story that made us leave the world as we knew it behind and set off on a journey into the unknown. For those responsible in companies, the question arises as to what role they assign to their brand in this story. Does it act as a sponsor or consolation, does it offer refuge and distraction, or does it strengthen cohesion and promote the community?

Central Questions

X marks ...


IMMERSIVE X is a hybrid conference that invites decision-makers in the areas of marketing, media, and communication on an interactive journey of discovery. This one-day event will make you realize how new digital technologies change the ancient cultural technique of storytelling and how you can further your brand with innovative ways of storytelling even in challenging times.

The Tracks

A series of 45-minute compact keynotes introduces various areas of immersive brand presentation.

In interactive workshops and mentor sessions, you can exchange and develop ideas for your brand with experts.

In experience-oriented, hands-on sessions, you can get to know and try out immersive formats like social VR or interactive audiobooks.

Hybrid Platform Concept

You can easily follow all sessions via livestream on your computer screen.

Some sessions will happen in VR at the same time. We will supply you with a headset to join.

Haptic elements will add variety to the different sessions. You will receive them in advance via mail.

Speaker 2020

Frank Rose

Author of „The Art of Immersion“ and Head of Strategic Storytelling at Columbia University

Katrin Nachbar

Team Lead des Innovationsteams Bayerischer Rundfunk

Volker von Witzleben

Social Mission Activist Ben & Jerry’s

Florian Schültke

Offering Leader Advertising and Brand Experience Deloitte Consulting

Christina M. Schollerer

Conceptioner & Coach,

Christopher Werth

Director Strategy & Concept,
VOK DAMS worldwide

Kai Feuchter

Digital Projects Specialist,

Anne Seubert

Brands & Places

Martje Friedrich

Formatentwicklerin und Digitalstrategin Labo M

Michael Straeubig

Systems Theory and Practice

Stephanie Bagehorn

Brand manager,
vm-people GmbH

Klaus Lemm

New Technology Experiencer

Merle Pohl

Design Thinking & Innovation Coach,

Michael Metzger


Christian Mahnke


Dr. Gerhard Huhn

Cofounder & director,
Flow Akademie Berlin

Julia Becker

Game Thinker

Oliver Hoffmann

Game Maker

Prof. Dr. Michael Zerr

President Karlshochschule International University

Thomas Zorbach

Founder & CEO,
vm-people GmbH

Moderation 2020

Philipp Reinartz

Philipp Reinartz is an entrepreneur, author, and moderator. He is co-founder of the gamification agency Pfeffermind, and of the largest German escape game provider. He also writes novels, presents, and develops series and TV formats (Audible, Sky).


The IMMERSIVE X takes place in virtual space: You can follow the entire event from the comfort of your office or home office.

Individual sessions take place in parallel also in virtual reality. Optionally, participants can follow the sessions via VR headset.

The rental fee for a VR headset (Oculus Quest) is included in the ticket price. You will receive your headset by mail in advance of the event.

You will receive your personal access data for IMMERSIVE X about 14 days before the event.

We are happy to give media representatives and industry bloggers the opportunity to report first-hand about IMMERSIVE X. For this purpose, we provide a limited contingent of free tickets.

If you are interested, you can apply for accreditation here.

For all further questions about IMMERSIVE X, we are at your disposal. Please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +49 30 20089330. 

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