Donnerstag, 22:00 – 23:30
XPERIENCE | Project Immerse

Deepfake Paranoid Thriller Experience

“Project Immerse” is a deepfake paranoid thriller that places participants within a virtual experience that mixes story, play, and web pervasive technologies. Designed to work in Zoom and Miro, a collaborative whiteboard platform, ‘Project Immerse’ takes these web tools and subverts them into a thrill ride that leverages elements of film, immersive theatre, ARGs, and escape rooms into a collaborative storytelling experience. The piece explores the challenges associated with deepfakes, shallow fakes, and bots. All the images, videos, audio, and text – about 90% of the experience is created with AI. The end result is a unique storytelling experience that explores deception, conspiracy, and the way humans create meaning and make connections.

(Die Session wird auf Englisch stattfinden)


Project Immerse takes place in Zoom. Please note that you will enter a Zoom waiting room. Keep an eye on the chat in Zoom, as you will receive a link while you are in the waiting room. This link will start your experience.


Lance Weiler, Nick Fortugno

Lance Weiler, Char Simpson

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