XPERIENCE | Miss Jezebel

Theatric Escape Game Experience

You are cordially invited to the residence of a killer, an assassin of men who’s showing no signs of stopping. Can you and your friends survive her ‘hospitality’ and collect all the evidence against her before this bizarre black widow traps you in her web for good? Come experience 60Out’s wildest, weirdest, and raunchiest adventure against the devious debutante herself at Miss Jezebel’s Tea Party!

(Die Session wird auf Englisch stattfinden)

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Escape Game Provider

60out delivers the most engaging, fun, and safe escape room in Los Angeles. Whether you’re seeking an hour of fun with friends or you want to cut down on your family’s screen time this weekend, escape rooms in LA are the way to go. “Miss Jezbel” is a perfect example of how an existing show determined to take place on-site was transformed in a one-of-a-kind online experience.

We provide the best immersive LA escape room experience around. Don’t wait to test your skills at challenging and enjoyable puzzles while bonding with friends, family, or coworkers.

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